Cynthia Powell Hairdresser The Beautiful, Wife John Lennon

Cyntia Powell was born on 10 semptember 1939 in Blackpool, England. he met John Lennon in 1958 in Liverpool Colledge of Art and meikah dated 23 August 1962 at the register office in Mount Pleasant. The couple divorced on 8 November 1968 because of John's affair with Yoko ono. From the marriage they get the boy, Julian was born on 8 April 1963.

Billy Preston Considered Members of The Beatles

already quite well known that Billy Preston played keyboards with The Beatles in the song Let It Be, and in some Promised billy also connected in the history of the Beatles for a few years. Billy was born 9 September 1946 in Houston Texas. when he was 12 years, he served as a gifted child's innocent in the film about WC Handy, St. Louis Blues, where he acts as a modifier of music that was a little boy.

Brian Epstein figure behind the success of The Beatles

Brian Samuel Epstein, manager of The Beatles was born on 19 September 1934 from the couple Harry and Malka Epstein. Her father called her Brian "Queenie" because Malka derived from the Hebrew word that means the Queen (Queen). Next to the Epstein family owned furniture store any music store The North End Road Music Store which was then known known by the abbreviated name of the NEMS. James McCartney family is one of the local families who had bought the piano in this store.

Movies ever made The Beatles

During the course of his career the Beatles have made five films, namely, A Hard Day's Night, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submerine, and Let It Be. A Hard Day's Night is the first film to re-create the infatuation will Beatlemania; Help! include the role of Ringo as a star. Ringo played in this film who inherits a ring that has a magical power in which its members continue to chase the evil cult because they want to get the ring.

Initial rise of the Beatles through the BBC

On 7 March 1962 Beginning Is the rise of the Beatles on the radio BBC, three months before the recording at EMI studios and seven months later they released their first single. The Beatles did not ever leave the radio broadcast after the outbreak of Beatlemania began to infect the world. They keep working hard for the BBC, recording a total of 18 songs, while the first appearance in the broadcast, each introduced himself:''I'm George and I play guitar. "Then followed John Lennon:''I'm John, I also play guitar. Sometimes I like to be funny. "

Birth of John Lennon to death

Do not feel has been 31 years John Lennon's death, here I'll tell you a little about the birth of John Lennon until his death. John Winston Lennon, or that we are familiar with John Lennon was born on October 4, 1940 in Liverpool, he was born by the results of both partners Julia Stanley and Alfred Lennon. At a young age he often left his father because his father was a sailor who always travel far.

Remembering John Lennon

"I used to see John Lennon walking the streets of West 72nd Street. Sometimes when I was working days, I’d be working West 72nd and John would walk the streets with (son) Sean on his back on a little knapsack type of thing and go into the stores. Nobody would bother him. He’d be very polite, 'Good afternoon, officer.' And that’s why he loved New York. Because people respected his privacy and that’s what was great about it. He loved it there." Bob Gruen, Lennon photographer and friend, on the famous photo of John Lennon